In response to the coronavirus pandemic, The Fore has launched RAFT (Rapid Action by The Fore and Trusts). RAFT consists of a number of emergency activities to support small charities and social enterprises adversely affected by the crisis: RAFT Fund, RAFT Directory of Skilled Volunteer Requests and RAFT Online Resources. Scroll down to find out more.


RAFT Fund is seeking to ensure that effective small charities and social enterprises are able to meet the rapidly changing needs of their beneficiaries, remain viable and prepare for delivery when the acute phase of the crisis is over. The fund will provide grants for high quality, well-managed small charities and social enterprises with great leadership doing vital work in their communities.

RAFT Fund offers unrestricted grants of up to £5000 to any small charity or social enterprise in the UK with turnover of under £500,000.

RAFT Fund opened for the first tranche of applications on Wednesday 22nd April 2020. The application cap was reached on Friday 24th April and we regret that no more applications can be accepted until the next £1m of funding has been raised. The Fore are actively fundraising for RAFT Fund and donations can be made online. Please consider donating to help us reopen for applications.

RAFT Fund is dedicated to the memory of Richard Q (Tigger) Hoare who died on 24th March 2020. Richard was the inspirational founder of The Fore’s parent charity, The Bulldog Trust and a venture philanthropist before his time.

More Information and How to Apply  Donate to the RAFT Fund

RAFT Directory of Skilled Volunteer Requests

The coronavirus pandemic has posed a variety of new challenges for small charities and social enterprises. Skilled volunteers are needed to help them overcome these challenges.

We have compiled organisations seeking emergency support from skilled volunteers into the RAFT Directory. Click below to find a volunteering opportunity with a charity or social enterprise that needs your skills.

View RAFT Directory of Skilled Volunteer Requests

How can I help as a volunteer?

Organisations are looking for help with (among other things) cash-flow forecasts, approaching lenders about loans, legal advice around delivery of contracts, claiming Government support, HR and supporting employees, converting to new delivery models, general administrative support, fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

In most cases you won’t need specific experience in order to help – just some spare time, an internet connection, and a determination not to be defeated by forms or bureaucracy. Your support will take considerable pressure off the leaders of these small charities and social enterprises and help them survive through the crisis.

Finding support for your charity or social enterprise

If you are a charity or social enterprise facing new and pressing challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, The Fore may be able to source a skilled volunteer for you to provide additional support.

To register your skilled volunteering needs, please fill in the form below.

Request Support from Skilled Volunteers

Sign Up for Regular Updates

The Fore sends weekly updates about skilled volunteering opportunities to its ‘Pro Bono Network’ mailing list. Click the link below to sign up to the network and receive notifications.

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RAFT Online Resources

The Fore will upload any relevant resources for small charities and social enterprises here:

The Fore Coronavirus – Summary of Government Advice 27th April 2020