NW Live Arts Request

NW Live Arts Request

Organisation Description

Founded in September 2019, NW Live Arts creates stimulating live classical and world music performances to inspire new musical encounters and build lifelong relationships between music and communities.

We devise creative projects around social themes which are explored through music with other art forms, partnering with organisations helping people facing issues of isolation, homelessness and mental health, to deliver community workshops. Participants are showcased with NW Live musicians in local settings (libraries, GP surgeries), bringing marginalised communities together for a supportive creative and social experience with the aim of making people feel welcome and equal in society to improve their self-esteem and well-being.

What are they looking for?

NW Live Arts is a small organisation, but with big ambitions. Currently, our work is ‘modular’ in that funding for creative projects also includes costs for freelance core staff for the duration of that funding period. Going forward, we would like to establish a clear fundraising and business strategy so that we can sustain a core staffing team in between creative projects to develop the infrastructure of the charity, raise its profile, and increase its output in the community. We are looking for someone who is passionate about the arts and their effect on wellbeing, who can help us to hone our fundraising skills and give guidance on funding applications, but who could also help us develop a longer term strategy with a view to growing NW Live to offer a sustainable artistic programme and ultimately, salary core staff. We aim to grow the charity so that we can approach trusts and foundations for larger grants. We would also benefit greatly from a legal expert as our work develops across live and digital platforms. We want to make sure we are adhering to best practice in terms of GDPR, safeguarding and the contracting of our artists and freelance staff.