Chamos – In Aid of the Children of Venezuela Request

Organisation Description

Chamos’ mission is to relieve poverty, advance education and improve the health of children in Venezuela. Because of the multidimensional nature of the rapid economic, political and social decline that has devastated the country in recent years as a result of the complex humanitarian crisis, we approach our mission from a number of different angles, supporting local partners on projects including WASH, nutrition programmes, provision of medical equipment, scholarships and improving infrastructure in schools.

What are they looking for?

Chamos was founded as a grant giving body to raise and distribute funds to projects in Venezuela. To date, our programmes strategy has largely been characterised by the donation of funds to projects designed and implemented by our local partners. It has now become clear that the humanitarian crisis is no longer an emergency situation calling for short-term relief, but a long-term reality. We recently reviewed our operating model to reflect on how we could support our partners more sustainably – building their capacity and adding value to their projects, rather than simply funding them. We concluded that the best way to do this would be to utilise our in-country and international connections to design and execute multi-stakeholder projects that complement our partners’ existing programmes and enable them to improve and continue their operations. We are seeking support to develop a strategic plan that details the actions we need to take as an organisation to move towards this new operating model. We would appreciate advice from an individual with experience in strategic planning, who can work with our senior management team – either during a set of planning sessions, or on a longer-term consultancy basis.