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Engaging Experience

Connecting individual business professionals with dynamic small charities in need of business expertise since 2009.

Engaging Experience offers a wide range of strategic skills, mentoring, or non-executive governance support to charities. Originally set up by The Bulldog Trust, the network has successfully connected over a thousand charitable projects with specific pro-bono expertise to date.

Participants currently include hedge funders, bankers, lawyers, top civil servants, entrepreneurs, technology and media leaders, and other industry experts. Engaging Experience’s popularity has helped hundreds of people realise that using skills for charity is personally and professionally rewarding and can easily be achieved alongside a full-time career.

Participants are invited to a number of events at Two Temple Place, giving them the opportunity to meet charities, social enterprises and each other face-to-face. In addition regular emails are circulated with opportunities to connect with specific charities and projects. Events are frequently co-hosted with other organisations including New Philanthropy Capital, Big Society Capital, and the Small Charities Coalition.

All business professionals are invited to join and participation is free. There is also no charge for charities to use the service. For more information please contact

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Year Here’s Fellows Pitch for Pro-Bono Support

6th February 2018, 6.30pm-8.30pm

A Celebration of The Fore’s First Year & A Private View of “Rhythm and Reaction: The Age of Jazz In Britain”

16th April 2018, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Exploring Charity Trusteeship: Inspiration and Information

31st July 2018, 6:30pm-8:30pm

The Refugee Crisis: Showcasing the Work of Small Charities

25th October 2018, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Find An Opportunity

All recent requests for pro bono support from small charities and social enterprises are listed here. Information on how to get involved and who to contact can be found below

Hackney Pirates is an ambitious, award-winning charity that improves literacy for disadvantaged primary school pupils that are falling behind their classmates. Its after-school sessions provide children with one-to-one attention, using a network of over 500 volunteers and an incredible pirate-themed workspace. On average, Hackney Pirates’ participants increase their reading age over 50% faster than expected for their age, and a quarter of participants increase their reading age at double the expected speed. Hackney Pirates received a grant from The Fore’s pilot in 2014 to expand their work.

Hackney Pirates is going through an exciting period of growth as it looks to replicate its success in other London boroughs. To support this growth, it is looking for new trustees, and is especially keen to hear from candidates with experience in communications/marketing, fundraising or the East London education sector. Please consult the application pack for more details about the role. To express interest, email Jude Williams at

Pulse Arts brings music into hospitals and hospices to improve the wellbeing of patients, families and staff. It is run by two accomplished musicians, whose performances are interactive, individually tailored and often go to areas other activities do not, including Intensive Care Units, Specialist Burns and Neonatal wards. Often asked by staff and parents to play whilst medical procedures are being carried out, medical staff consider them an ‘integral part of the care-giving team’. Pulse Arts has been featured as a ‘best example’ of music in healthcare in the media and has been called a ‘success story’ by the Royal Society of Medicine. Funding from The Fore will enable Pulse Arts to develop student training courses as a new earned income stream, increasing the organisation’s financial sustainability and driving expansion into additional hospitals.

Pulse Arts is looking for pro bono support and new Non-Executive Directors to sit on its Board. It is especially keen to hear from candidates with experience in fundraising, business development, corporate social responsibility, contract law, accountancy, impact measurement or healthcare professionals. Additionally, Pulse Arts is looking for a current member of The Funding Network to sponsor and support their application to the network’s live crowdfunding events. To express interest in either opportunity, please email

Young People’s Puppet Theatre uses puppetry as a means of teaching creative, performance and social development skills in schools characterised by ethnic divides, low academic performance, or communities which do not traditionally value extended formal education. Its shows are run entirely by pupils, teaching them set design, technical stagecraft and how to design and use complex puppets. The projects also build tolerance, confidence, resilience and teamwork, levelling the playing field between academic and ‘failing’ students. Young People’s Puppet Theatre received a grant from The Fore earlier this year.

Young People’s Puppet Theatre believes there is considerable scope for their work to help adults suffering with mental health problems, loneliness or dementia. Although they have considerable experience with procedures and policies regarding the safeguarding of children, they are looking for someone to advise them on the safeguarding requirements of working with vulnerable adults, before taking on this work. To find out more, email Jeremy Duschenes at

Learn English At Home (LEAH) is an ambitious charity supporting isolated refugees and migrants with low English proficiency. It trains local volunteers to provide bespoke language lessons in clients’ homes, and provides small-group classes in community settings. Its services help with integration, confidence, employment and access to essential services. After its one-to-one sessions, 87% of its clients made a significant improvement in their English speaking and listening skills, and 75% reported improved access to health services as a result. After starting in Kingston in 1982, it now has over 250 clients and 100 volunteers working across three London boroughs.

LEAH is looking for someone with experience scaling an organisation to speak at their board’s away day. They are looking for an individual to inspire them as they prepare to build their capacity and meet the growing demand for their services. The event will only take an hour of the speaker’s time. The away day will be on October 9th in Kingston-upon-Thames. If you are interested or would like further information, please contact Kate Brown at or 020 8939 7935.

Settle is an award-winning social enterprise preventing youth homelessness by providing at-risk young people, care leavers and ex-young offenders training in vital life skills as they move into their first home. Through its core service, the Settle Tenancy Mentoring Programme (STMP), it works closely with social landlords to help young people avoid eviction by effectively managing their money, home and health. So far, 100% of young people on the STMP programme have sustained their tenancies, while 90% self-reported improved confidence in life skills. Settle became a grantee of The Fore in Spring of this year.

Settle is looking for a new trustee with accountancy experience. If you are interested or would like to know more, email Rich Grahame at

The Commonwealth Fashion Council (CFC) promotes sustainable development, youth empowerment and gender equality in fashion industries across the Commonwealth. It connects with governments and companies through its Council of Fashion Week and Fashion Council organisers, and also runs the ‘100% Made in The Commonwealth’ initiative. The CFC promotes regional trade, encourages sustainability and highlights creativity in all Commonwealth nations.

The CFC is looking for a PR or Communications specialist to join their board, ideally someone with non-profit and/or creative industry experience. For more information please contact Daniel Hatton at

Action on Postpartum Psychosis (APP) is the UK’s only charity dedicated to supporting women and families affected by Postpartum Psychosis, a severe perinatal mental illness.  APP provides peer support and specialist information to affected women and families.  It raises awareness, challenges stigma, trains health professionals, campaigns for improved services, and conducts research to better understand the illness. Their goal is for all new mothers and families affected by this illness to benefit from best-practice treatment and caring support through to full recovery. They became a grantee of The Fore earlier this year.

As APP is launching a new spin-off organisation to campaign for better maternal mental health services across the UK, it is looking for one-off advice on data protection law (in light of GDPR). If you are interested, please email Kim at


The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) knows it cannot solve all the world’s problems – so it backs the people who can. SSE runs courses which provide social entrepreneurs with the funding, training and networks needed to create lasting change. Its 11 schools have enabled scores of social entrepreneurs to initiate and scale vibrant, sustainable organisations across the UK, Canada and India. Through its global network, more than 1,000 leaders of social change benefit from SSE’s support each year.

A number of new roles have opened up across SSE’s various branches for

SSE Global (based in London) would like to hear from anybody interested in helping brand and position a new corporate offer.

SSE Yorkshire & North East (based in Leeds) is seeking a new Chair of its Board. They are also open to recruiting new Non-Executive Directors besides Chair.

SSE Scotland (based in Edinburgh) is preparing for strategic growth and is seeking a financial controller to join its Board.

SSE North West (based in Liverpool) would like to hear from individuals with experience in PR and marketing, sales, product development or income generation strategy to join its Board.

For more information or to express an interest, please contact Emily at

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