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Engaging Experience

Connecting individual business professionals with dynamic small charities in need of business expertise since 2009.

Engaging Experience offers a wide range of strategic skills, mentoring, or non-executive governance support to charities. Originally set up by The Bulldog Trust, the network has successfully connected over a thousand charitable projects with specific pro-bono expertise to date.

Participants currently include hedge funders, bankers, lawyers, top civil servants, entrepreneurs, technology and media leaders, and other industry experts. Engaging Experience’s popularity has helped hundreds of people realise that using skills for charity is personally and professionally rewarding and can easily be achieved alongside a full-time career.

Participants are invited to a number of events at Two Temple Place, giving them the opportunity to meet charities, social enterprises and each other face-to-face. In addition regular emails are circulated with opportunities to connect with specific charities and projects. Events are frequently co-hosted with other organisations including New Philanthropy Capital, Big Society Capital, and the Small Charities Coalition.

All business professionals are invited to join and participation is free. There is also no charge for charities to use the service. For more information please contact

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Year Here’s Fellows Pitch for Pro-Bono Support

6th February 2018, 6.30pm-8.30pm

A Celebration of The Fore’s First Year & A Private View of “Rhythm and Reaction: The Age of Jazz In Britain”

16th April 2018, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Exploring Charity Trusteeship: Inspiration and Information

31st July 2018, 6:30pm-8:30pm

The Refugee Crisis: Showcasing the Work of Small Charities

25th October 2018, 6:30pm-8:30pm

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All recent requests for pro bono support from small charities and social enterprises are listed here. Information on how to get involved and who to contact can be found below

Trampoline is a young social enterprise that helps aspiring entrepreneurs from London’s marginalised communities develop their own businesses. Often working with people from low income and single parent households, including those from migrant or minority communities, it has helped grow businesses in social care, hospitality, the media, art and fashion. It specialises in delivering business knowledge to people with little or no previous experience, often working through considerable barriers, including limited education, access to information and opportunities, as well as language barriers. Although still in its early stages, Trampoline has already worked with 136 people, one third of whom have now set up successful businesses. It became a grantee of The Fore earlier this year.


Trampoline has ambitious plans for the future, including the development of an e-learning platform and potential international expansion. To realise these goals, Trampoline is looking for help developing a new communications strategy. Additionally, Trampoline would like help refining and implementing its 3-5 year development plan, focusing on the organisation’s future expansion. To find out more about either opportunity, email

Be Enriched Elements rescues food waste in South London and puts it to work building communities. In the past year, Be Enriched rescued over 6,000kg of surplus food from retailers and used it to provide volunteer-led cooking lessons, meals for people facing social or economic insecurity, holiday mealtime activities for families whose children receive free meals in school, and culinary-based employment training for people with higher learning needs. Its model is simple yet powerful – simultaneously cutting waste, reducing hunger, growing skills and forging relationships. Be Enriched became a grantee of The Fore this year.

Be Enriched is looking for new trustees. If you are interested in joining this exciting young organisation, please email Kemi Akinola at

Refugees at Home is an inspiring refugee charity which received funding from The Fore earlier this year. Home Office accommodation support for refugees ends 28 days after an asylum decision is made. After this point, often receiving only £5 a day in financial assistance, a high proportion of recently-recognised refugees end up destitute and homeless. Refugees at Home intervenes at this critical moment by connecting asylum-seekers and refugees with volunteers offering spare rooms in their homes. Refugees at Home’s simple but powerful model has captured imaginations across the country, receiving coverage in The Guardian, Huffpost and Forbes. Since its inception in 2015, the organisation has grown exponentially, with leading charities such as the Red Cross, the Refugee Council, CrisisUK & St Mungo’s increasingly turning to Refugees at Home to find accommodation for refugees in need.

Refugees at Home are looking for a treasurer to join their board. This is an excellent opportunity to help shape one of the country’s most innovative refugee charities. The role will require some financial experience, and attendance at monthly board meetings. To find out more about the opportunity, email Yvette at  

Tiyeni is a charity which helps Malawian farmers radically improve their harvests by teaching them new farming techniques to prevent soil erosion. Central to its approach is to train only those farmers who have requested its help, so its methods are never imposed. Tiyeni’s intervention can double crop yields for these farmers, dramatically enhancing their incomes and improving their lives. Tiyeni became a grantee of The Fore in 2018.

As Tiyeni expands, it is looking for support  from a PR/marketing specialist. This role will significantly influence the development and implementation of the charity’s PR/marketing strategy, and enable considerable growth for the organisation. For more information, please see this information document. To express an interest, email

Maryhill Mobile Children’s Services (MMCS) was started by a group of volunteer mothers in Glasgow to improve services for local children. It has now grown considerably, supporting voluntary organisations and empowering families across the city. The majority of the families it supports come from disadvantaged communities with poorer than average health profiles, higher than average levels of drug abuse and crime, lower than average educational outcomes, low income levels and long-term unemployment.  MMCS’ mobile crèche, respite services, after school care and outdoor nursery provide vital assistance to young families in need, and give children from all walks of life the best possible start.

After a period of growth, MMCS is now seeking advice to improve its HR processes. To find out more, email

William Harvey Research Foundation is a cutting-edge medical research charity supporting over 500 pioneering scientists specialising cardiovascular, inflammatory, and endocrine disorders. Its research has paved the way for vital new therapies which deliver hope for people suffering from a variety of conditions. The William Harvey Research Foundation aims to be at the forefront of a new era of medical innovation.

The Foundation is looking for two new strategic fundraising trustees to develop key funding streams that will kick-start more Eureka moments.  People with expertise or connections in grant-making and philanthropy are especially welcome to apply. Email to find out more.

Global Dialogue provides networks through which philanthropists can pool their resources to support human rights activists and social movements the world over. Through its grants, conferences and research, Global Dialogue aims to be at the cutting edge of human rights advocacy and philanthropy.  Its current projects range from exploring philanthropy’s role in maintaining civic space, to supporting the LGBTI community in the UK, to facilitating collaboration between groups supporting migrants.

The organisation is currently expanding and building its profile, and is now seeking to strengthen its board. It is looking to hire a new Treasurer, who will enhance board oversight and ensure the organisation’s financial models are as effective as possible. A full description of the role can be found here. If you are interested, please email Debbie Pippard at

PLOT 22 helps local people overcome challenges in their lives through therapeutic gardening and outdoor cooking. It has developed a range of projects to maximise the social benefit from a small allotment near Brighton, enabling it to help hundreds of people experiencing a wide range of needs. Its work builds friendships, reduces isolation and distributes knowledge about the natural world. Beneficiaries have described PLOT 22 as “a sanctuary and a haven.”

PLOT 22 is currently developing its PLOTworks programme, which will offer its outdoor space to local businesses, creating a new source of earned income. PLOT 22 is looking for business advice as they develop this offer, and guidance on building relationships with corporates. It is also looking for support with social media presence and social media training, as it markets this new programme. For more information contact

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