Business at The Fore

Our ability to seek out the unsung, introduces exciting projects to businesses looking for something new.

The Fore is a nurturer and an incubator.  We offer funding and exceptional expertise to the best small charities that should have the confidence to think bigger. Our rigorous due diligence removes the usual risk associated with early-stage funding.

Benefits for Business & Staff

At The Fore, our business partners are trailblazers – they are champions for young charities and mentors to the future leaders of society.

The Fore combines pioneering philanthropy with exciting engagement opportunities for our partners’ most valuable staff.


We make it easy and we make it fun


Low Risk >
Our thorough due diligence process removes the usual risk in supporting early-stage projects.

Different >
Our broad portfolio of charities means every business has access to something different.

Cost Effective >
Our founding funders believe in our model so strongly they have pledged over £1m in operating costs so 100% of donations go to the charities selected for support.

Exciting for Employees >
Your staff have the chance to experience how their business skills can improve people’s lives.

And you as a donor can rest assured that the causes you are supporting are in the best hands, because your own staff are involved in selecting, mentoring and advising them.


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